New Parade

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Author(s): Mario Herrera and Theresa Zanatta

Status: Delivery Takes 3 Weeks

Language: American English

Edition: Latest Edition

ISBN: 9780201635089
10-digit: 0201635089

Level: Elementary 1-6

New Parade is a communicative language program that features TPR, rhymes, songs, chants pair work and hands-on projects. This series is packed with ways to make learning English fun.
  • TPR and hands-on projects promote understanding
  • Pull-out books for more reading practice
  • Rhymes, songs and chants are fun and enhance language recall
  • Video and Video Guides for each level surround students with natural language
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2 CDs(3) 9780201635089 ¥ 9,740 ¥ 10,714
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