NorthStar Reading and Writing (4th Edition)

Student Book w/ app & resources (1 (4th Edition))

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Author(s): John Beaumont, A. Judith Yancey

Status: Available Now

Language: American English

Edition: Latest Edition

Level: Upper Beginner-Advanced

TOEIC®: 350


GSE: 34 - 42

ISBN: 9780135232613
10-digit: 0135232619

Level: Upper Beginner-Advanced

NorthStar is an intensive, American English integrated skills course that incorporates critical thinking and academic skills with lan- guage development. It engages students through authentic and compelling content. It is designed to prepare students for the demands of college level and university study. There are two strands to NorthStar: Listening & Speaking and Reading & Writing.
  • New and updated content with a new theme keeps students motivated.
  • The new design and imagery bring the activities to life.
  • Learning outcomes are created using the Global Scale of English (GSE) so students can track their progress more easily.
  • Every unit offers note-taking practice and writing skill development.
  • Scaffolded critical thinking activities are clearly marked to help students develop their
  • academic skills.
  • Academic Word List words are highlighted to help students identify essential vocabulary.
  • New and updated activities in MyEnglishLab provide additional practice online.
  • ExamView Test Generator allows teachers to customize assessments.
  • Students can complete activities, listen to audio, and watch video on the go with the Pearson Practice English App.
  • New content, with revisions based on market feedback to existing content, and one new unit per level

  • New skills:
    • Note-taking: explicitly taught in each unit

    • Presentation skills: taught in Listening & Speaking strand, and final four tasks are presentations

  • Clear signposting: critical thinking skills with a magnifying glass icon, practical appli- cation of skills sections clearly signposted with Apply icon

  • Pearson Practice English app has extra grammar and vocabulary exercises, and gives access to Student Book audio and video

  • The Assessment Suite now includes ExamView

* Level 5 is not part of the Fifth Edition revision.

The booklets introduce CAN-DO Statements for each activity in the course. These booklets can be downloaded for free by clicking on the links below.

GSE Teacher Booklet (GSE and CEFR Mapping)

  • MP3-File 1 (4th Edition) GSE Teacher Booklet (GSE and CEFR Mapping) (View | Download)
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1 (4th Edition) Student Book w/ app & resources 9780135232613 ¥ 3,300 ¥ 3,630
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