A Conversation Book

Student Book with Audio CD (Level 1)

English in Everyday Life

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Author(s): Tina Kasloff Carver and Sanra Douglas Fotinos-Riggs with Sarah Lynn / Chants by Carolyn Graham

Status: Delivery Takes 3 Weeks

Language: American English

Edition: Latest Edition

ISBN: 9780131986749
10-digit: 0131986740

Level: Beginner

This two-book series presents a student-centered method for developing conversation fluency. It combines a picture-dictionary approach with a variety of learning activities based on familiar themes of everyday life.
  • New Preview page opens each unit, allowing students to show how much they know about the topics
  • New Conversation Chants capture the rhythms, sounds, and intonation patterns of American English
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1 Student Book with Audio CD 9780131986749 ¥ 3,190 ¥ 3,509
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