Recommended <i>Pearson English Readers</i> 2020

Pearson English Readers

Pearson English Graded Readers are world-renowned stories re-written for English learners and graded to different levels to motivate them to read, learn and succeed. Learners can enjoy learning English while expanding their knowledge about the world from reading. To learn more about Pearson English Graded Readers series, click here.

Graded eReaders

Now you can read Pearson English Readers series on your phone, tablet or PC/Mac anytime, anywhere!

Pearson English Graded eReaders offer collections of popular Pearson English Graded Readers by level in digital format accessible via the Pearson English Portal (PEP) and the Reader+ app (desktop and mobile).


Audio and audio highlighting available even offline*
Notes and bookmarks to support study
Front of class tools for remote presentation

* Offline mode is restricted to mobile devices

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Pearson Readers Library Set 2020
10-15% OFF!


Pearson Readers Library Sets make starting extensive reading convenient and easy. Additionally, by ordering the entire set of Pearson Readers or individual level sets, you save between 10-15%.

* Only available for Pearson English Kids Readers and Pearson English Readers).

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Recommended Pearson English Readers 2020

CLIL series

Improve children's 4 skills of English (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking) while exploring and learning about other subjects such as science, music, nature and sports!

  • Activities at the end of the book further explore the topic and aid comprehension
  • MP3 audio and teachers’ support material available from this page.

Pearson Kids Readers Level 3: Up in the air (Click to enlarge)

CLIL Title List 
CLIL Readers Set 

Pearson Kids Readers Level 3: Sport with Trainer Tim (Click to enlarge)

Fairy tales

Presenting a collection of some of the world’s all-time favorite children’s stories, Pearson English Story Readers are perfect for use in the classroom or the home with children.

  • Collection of the world’s all-time favorite children’s stories such as “Little Red Riding Hood" and “Hansel and Gretel”
  • 24 Titles
  • MP3 audio and teachers’ support material available here

Pearson English Story Readers Level 3:
Hansel and Gretel (Click to enlarge)

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Enjoy learning English by reading the stories or the series that belong to movies released this year!  

Marvel's Avengers: Freaky Thor Day (Pearson English Kids Readers Level 2)


Marvel's Spider-Man: The Story of Spider-Man (Pearson English Kids Readers Level 2)


Marvel's Avengers: Call for Backup (Pearson English Kids Readers Level 3)

Marvel's Spider-Man: The Swashbuckling Spider (Pearson English Kids Readers Level 3)


Little Women: (Pearson English Active Readers Level 1)

Marvel's The Avengers
(Pearson English Readers Level 2)


Marvel's Captain America: Civil War (Pearson English Readers Level 3)


Marvel's The Guardians of the Galaxy (Pearson English Readers Level 4)

Marvel's Thor (Pearson English Readers Level 3)


Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron (Pearson English Readers Level 3)


Marvel's The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 (Pearson English Readers Level 4)

Olympic Series

Read and discuss about sports before the Olympic games!  

Extreme Sports

Pearson English Readers Level 2

The Olympic Promise

Pearson English Active Readers Level 1

The Olympics

Pearson English Active Readers Level 3

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