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The 'happily ever after' kids!

We've teamed up with Disney to bring you the most exciting readers you can find. Films guaranteed to excite any young learner. Stories leap off the page as the Disney illustrations bring the titles to life. But life is not all about the big screen. Real life exists outside of the fantasy so we introduce content-based titles for balanced learning. Sticking with the highest quality design and the same stringent criteria for levelling and writing, we are thrilled to bring you the latest Kids Readers titles!
  • Stories from Disney/Pixar with authentic images from the original films
  • Content readers with real-world facts and fun
  • Carefully graded to six levels
  • Fun activity pages in each book
  • MP3 audio download available

Find books by level

Level Headwords English hours CEFR GSE CYLET Price Before Tax Price Incl. Tax
Level 1 200 50 hrs <A1/A1 16-27 Starters ¥ 650 ¥ 702
Level 2 400 100 hrs A1/A2 22-32 Starters/ Movers ¥ 650 ¥ 702
Level 3 600 150 hrs A1/A2 25-35 Movers ¥ 770 ¥ 832
Level 4 800 200 hrs A1/A2+ 27-38 Movers ¥ 770 ¥ 832
Level 5 1,000 250 hrs A2/A2+ 30-40 Movers/ Flyers ¥ 970 ¥ 1,048
Level 6 1,200 300 hrs A2+/B1 36-48 Flyers ¥ 970 ¥ 1,048


Pearson Kids Readers Library Sets 2019

The perfect library set to get started with Extensive Reading. Readers across many different genres are bundled by level so that they can be used in class, as side readers, by universities, libraries and so on. Full sets as well as level sets are between 10-15% off the standard price. Get your Extensive Reading library set now!

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