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“I love teaching kids. It’s incredibly rewarding, but I do wish I had someone handy to talk to about challenges in the classroom.”

Have you ever felt the same way?

“Ask Akiko” is an exciting new web forum designed specifically for primary English teachers. Created in celebration of the launch of English Land 2nd Edition by Pearson and the book’s co-author Akiko Seino, this forum is designed to make English teachers’ lives easier by providing an interactive platform where teachers can post questions and share tips and tricks with each other.

Whether you are struggling to get your first graders to engage in reading activities or you simply would like some activity suggestions for mixed-level classes, this space is designed to provide those answers. Questions and comments will be responded to by Akiko, Pearson and other primary English teachers.

We hope that this forum will prove to be a useful space. Feel free to post any English teaching-related questions, ideas or tips!

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Akiko Seino

About Akiko Seino

Ms Seino has been teaching K-6 students at her English school in Matsumoto, Nagano for over 10 years.

She works closely with young learners and their parents by offering physically and mentally engaging lessons and individualized consulting. She graduated from Waseda University and holds an MA in TESOL from Teachers College Columbia University.

Her special interests include how to involve parents in their children’s learning and the modern terakoya style hybrid teaching that integrates group dynamics with self-directed learning. In 2012 she won the Best of JALT award for her study on autonomous learning in young children. Ms Seino has worked as teacher-trainer for Shiojiri Board of Education, was supervisor of Worldwide Kids at Benesse, and is co-author of English Land (Pearson)
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