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Grammar Book + Video Online access code pack (Level 1)

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著者: Kirstie Grainger, Susan House, Hawys Morgan, Cheryl Pelteret, Jeanne Perrett, Mary Roulston, Katharine Scott

ステータス: Coming early 2021

言語: American English*

版: Latest Edition

レベル: Beginner - Intermediate

CEFR: <A1 - A1

GSE 12 - 24

ISBN: 9781292354514
10-digit: 1292354518


* Grammar Books/Phonics Books are American English & British English
English Code は、手を動かすクリエイティブな作業、調べもの、プロジェクト、実験などを体験しながら英語学習を進めるコースです。


  • The coding mindset encourages students to experiment and teaches them resilience, collaboration and problem-solving from the domain of computational thinking.
  • Creativity helps students to develop their creative potential through hands-on activities, exposing students to a variety of arts, and encouraging students to think and work imaginatively.
  • STEAM lessons in each unit enables students to learn English through a subject: science, technology, engineering, art and design, and math (STEAM). This helps with engagement as well as enabling students to consolidate their knowledge across subjects. There are videos on each subject to extend the lesson.
  • Project-work inspires and focuses the learning from the very start, and gives students a sense of control and direction in their learning journey.
  • Critical thinking activities help students to develop their critical thinking skills by providing opportunities for students to collect and identify evidence, create arguments, identify strengths and weaknesses, and suggest opportunities for improvement.
  • Collaboration provides students with a variety of opportunities to develop their presentation and listening skills, and helps them build confidence in speaking English through engaging group activities.
  • The Global Scale of English is the source for the learning objectives, which are included in each unit in the Teacher’s Edition across reading, listening, speaking and writing skills.
English Code American EnglishのPearson English Portal (PEP)の内容は下記の通りです。


• Teacher Presentation Tool
• Lesson planning
• Preview activities
• View teaching notes

Pearson English Portalの詳細はこちら

Student Book

  • 各レッスンに学習目標が設定されており、授業の始めに確認、終わりに復習します。
  • 各ユニット末尾の 「Now I can …」セクションでユニット内の学習内容を振り返り、自信が持てる学習ポイントにシールを貼る作りになっています。

各レッスンの終わりに Student’s Book レッスンの学習目標に合わせた、塗り絵方式の自己アセスメント付き。

Teachers’ edition
Teacher’s editionには以下のリソースが含まれます。

  • デジタルリソース
  • レッスンの流れ
  • アクティビティとアイデア
  • Game Bank などの補助教材
  • オーディオスクリプト

Assessment Pack

Pearson English Portal*

  • 先生用のプレゼンテーションツール
  • シラバス
  • プレビューアクティビティ
  • 先生用のノート閲覧


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