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【ウェビナーのご案内】Assessment Summer Sessions




Role of assessment in today’s digital learning journey with Nick Laul
30th June, 11am UK time 30th June, 7pm Japan time

How to…help learners chart their own course towards English proficiency with Bill Bonk
7th July, 3pm UK time 7th July, 11pm Japan time

Getting to know…Versant English Placement Test + Remote Monitoring with Andrew Khan
14th July, 3pm UK time 14th July, 11pm Japan time

How to…use the Global Scale of English: an end-to-end solution to support teaching and assessment with Mike Mayor
21th July, 11am UK time 21th July, 7pm Japan time

Getting to know…the new Pearson English Level and Benchmark Tests with Darren Nicholls
28th July, 11am UK time 28th July, 7pm Japan time

How to… use digital assessment to direct and refine the teaching of young learners with Jenny Liontou
4th August, 11am UK time 4th August, 7pm Japan time

Getting to know…English Benchmark Young Learners with Darren Nicholls
11th August, 11am UK time 11th August, 7pm Japan time

How to…help your students meet their potential in their PTE General exam with Joanne Sale
18th August, 5pm UK time 19th August, 1am Japan time

Getting to know…PTE General, and why a certificate still matters with Jane Bledsoe
25th August, 5pm UK time 26th August, 1am Japan time

How to…help your students prepare for the PTE Academic test using the Teacher Preparation Pathway with Melanie Drake
1st September, 11am UK time 1st September, 7pm Japan time

A look to the future: AI’s place in education and language assessment with David Booth
8th September, 3pm UK time 8th September, 11pm Japan time

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