Assessment Online

Place students in the right class quickly and easily


Tests students in 30 minutes. Delivers scores instantly.

Auto-marking systems delivers scores in just a few minutes after the completion of the test. Instant access to the results even for large groups.

* The version including the speaking tests takes around 40 minutes to complete.



Adapts to learners’ abilities. Covers CEFR A1~C2.

Pearson English Testing is adaptive. It adjusts the difficulty of the test questions based on the student’s answer. Suitable for any group of students with mixed levels of English.


Measures reading, listening, writing, grammar and vocabulary.

Pearson English Testing measures your students’ overall proficiency by measuring reading, listening and writing, plus grammar and vocabulary and provides various scores.
* The lists of Can Do Statements per skill can be made available.
* A new version which includes the speaking test is now available as well


Provides a Global Scale of English score and a CEFR score.

Pearson English Testing provides tests results correlated to Global Scale of English and CEFR score.

Measures integrated skills with various question items

  • Choose the right word or phrase
  • Fill in the blank
  • Error correction
  • Short answer
  • Dictation
  • Choose the right picture
  • etc.

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Please note that Pearson’s Placement is only available for group lessons.
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